Wednesday, July 22, 2009

It's time....

...for a Peyton PHlaCe know you want one.

We have a new instant messenger program that works pretty well. I was chatting with a guy in another part of the building yesterday....

Me: Hey Jim, what is the part number of the doc you want me to release?

Him: Hold on.....

Me: I need it to pull a DCF to attach to a DMR for the ECO.

Him: Bare with me while I look it up...

Me: Hell, no. Just because I fell for it with the tick inspector from the health department....

On a positive note, I have been accomplishing a lot more of what I should be at work. At least I think I have.

But then again, I (and a few others) have been getting an onslaught of emails from various companies with tips for interviewing and good interviewing techniques. Think they know something about Peyton PHlaCe that we do not know?

I have learned that when I find myself start getting so frustrated that I feel the steam coming out my ears, it is time for a smoke break. What a great way to let off pent up frustration while making new friends, kissing up to the members of upper management who smoke, and gathering blog fodder.

Smoker1: Need to let off a little steam, Phillipia?

Me: You would not believe the day I am having. Some guy from the building A actually wanted me to get naked with him. Just because I asked him to look up a part number.

Smoker2: Is he blind?

Me: Hahaha.

Smoker1: Wonder if its the same guy that forgot to close the doors on the truck the other day. And then never saw the CT gantry roll off the back end.

Me: You're kidding, right????

Smoker2: Yeah, you know how they take the systems from this dock and move them to the building across the street and then put them on another truck over there to ship them to the hospitals?

Me: Yeah.....

Smoker1: Well this guy did not bother to shut the doors on the truck since he was just going across the street.

Smoker2: I guess he forgot the gantry was on rollers....

Smoker1: Half way down the road the thing rolls off the back...that gantry didn't get too far.

Smoker2: And he did not even see it roll off. When he got to the unloading dock across the street they asked where it was.

Smoker1: Damn thing was sitting in the road, blocking traffic.

Me: Did the covers stay on???

Smoker1: Haha funny...(inside joke)

SmokingManager: So when did you take up smoking Phillipia? (i.e., this is a smoking club and who invited you?)

Me: Umm...Uh...I'm just trying the second hand experience for awhile...

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Let the anger out....

Saturday night I headed down to the Outpost in Kent to watch the battle of the bands featuring Dinosaurus Rex.

I do like Dinosaures Rex...a lot.

Especially the song K wrote for CareBear: "Leave me Alone." It's not what you think...really.

Dinosaurus Rex performed a great set.

I was totally unprepared for the next act tho'. They were good, too. Really good.

If you like death metal...and head banging...and screaming into the mic.

I do not mind it for a little bit...a short little bit.

I mean....what a great way to let loose of some pent up anger.

Reminded me of the first time I watched a high school lacrosse game. It was after a bad day at work and I was wishing I was out there on the field and the opponents were some of the Peyton PHlaCe phantoms.

But I digress...

What really bothered me Saturday was the violent headbanging of two of the death metal rockers. It literally hurt my neck just watching them. In fact I tried not to watch. I kept turning away. But then I was afraid that I would not be prepared when one of their heads flew off their neck and landed at my feet...

A few more shots and I will not even notice....

Monday, July 20, 2009

My Week Ahead...

Virgo Weekly Horoscope beginning July 18, 2009

You will be in an overly generous mood this week. With whose money...cuz I sure do not have any to give away.

Try to ease any disappointment by making amends. Amends for what???

Don't be too quick to respond to a plea for help. Like I money to give; and I am already way overextended with my time.

Be prepared to meet new lovers through colleagues. Please NO....I CANNOT deal with another relationship right now...shit, I have not finished dealing with the last one:( I still have some of his shit around here.....

Your lucky day this week will be Saturday.
Hmmm, maybe I should play Saturday's lotto instead of Friday's this week...