Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Independence Day!!!!

Of course if I was independent of all this debt I am in, I could have a much happier day...but I digress.

At least the overcast skies have been replaced with clear blue and sunshine today:) I am about to take advantage of that and head up to the pool in a bit. Exercise and vitamin D all in one - what could be better. And just maybe there will be some eye candy up there for me...
Your Dad and I visited a neighboring church this morning since our parish does not have Saturday Mass - even on the 4th of July! Can you believe that?

After Mass, , we were standing in the foyer talking with some friends and deciding which McDonald's to go to for breakfast. One of our friends had her 7-yr old grandson with her. He is the cutest little thing.

You dad noticed him looking at the large plaque with the names of all the parishioners who were veterans. He explained that all those people had died in the service. The poor little kid's eyes got big and he started crying and trembling.

Then he asked your Dad: Which service, Saturday or Sunday?

Thursday, July 2, 2009

I am a goddess...


Actually, I may finally be getting to do something I like to do at work...something I am actually half-way decent at and that I can do knowing that someone else is not doing it at the same time and thus making my efforts a waste of time...

Since right after I started at Peyton PHlaCe, seven years now, I have been coordinating the translation of user documents and, more recently, the total product localization, including User Interface. This whole product localization concept is relatively new in the Peyton PHlaCe world.
And it costs a lot of money. And management does not want to spend lots of money for anything. Management wants more, faster, cheaper, and of the utmost quality - like the rest of the product....yeah....uh-huh...that's right.

Well, I do not do such a good job at that...apparently. And to tell you the truth, I am pretty tired of trying. I have found myself having a harder and harder time going into the office each day. You probably could never tell that by reading this blog, but it is true.

Anyway, that may change. I think I have actually, finally convinced my bosses (yeah, I have two) that I could do something else much better. Something else that no one else in the group likes to do, but that I actually enjoy. I am weird like that.

It seems there was a meeting today with everyone in our group except me (because I was not invited - not because I just decided not to show). After the meeting, throughout the day, several co-workers approached me and asked for help releasing their documents since I was now the department ECO goddess per our boss.

Hmmm, that's news to me, but I like it.

I will be printing business cards this weekend. As soon as I finish designing my goddess logo.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Roast this...

I get out of writing a post today...

My good friend and blogging buddy Winky Twinky has honored me with a roast on her blog.

So I am going to send you there, right now....

'Cuz it's good....I'm just Sayin'

So I'm done (pun intended) for the day:)

Thanks, Winky Twinky.

I owe ya:)

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Peyton PHlaCe...Gotta love the open office

I think some guys at the office actually believe that we all want to hear all their conversations....

No matter what they are shouting about....

It makes ya wonder - do these guys even know how to whisper???

It is hard to imagine them having a bedroom conversation...

Their kids are surely scarred for life...

Monday, June 29, 2009

A lap is a lap is a lap...

Last evening was fairly productive compared to most of my evenings...

I meant to stop at the grocery store on the way home, but realized when I was in my drive that I missed the store...

So I needed to rethink my evening....

Since I was already home, I grabbed my swimsuit and headed to Bally's because it was too cool to swim in the complex pool.

I should have hit the grocery store first - for a couple of reasons.

I was getting hungry. And I tend to get testy when I am hungry - doesn't everyone???

Anyway, as I headed into the pool area I notice that 2 of the 3 lap lanes are open and there is a gentleman in the loafer's lane doing some arm work. So I instinctively head to an open lap lane. And I lap, not the speed laps or breast stroke laps, but a walk/jog/walk lap. Still a lap. And as usual, someone sporting a 6-pack and compression shorts (really compressed to show his package) suggests that I share the loafer lane so he can do his speed laps. OK, so what - your speed laps are more important than my laps. Or is your time more important than my time that you cannot wait your turn...Thanks to you, effer, I had to add a few more laps to work out my frustration at not having the guts to say that out loud...but someday....

After Bally's I ran a couple other errands before I headed to the grocery store. I went to the bank and deposited checks so my bill payments would not bounce, then I filled my car up with gas, and then I went grocery shopping.

By that time I was reallly hungry. Uh-oh. They had three tubs of cheesecake batter left - better get them all and graham cracker crusts to put that mix in - oh and mini chocolate chips to swirl in there just for added feel goodness. This is an awesome AHA bake sale idea - just as long as I do not crave it too bad before next week. otherwise, i will have to work from home that day because I will have nothing to bring to the bake sale...

I did get some bananas and celery and carrots at the store too. I was craving my fruits and veggies after grabbing that cheesecake batter.

I headed home to whip up some cheesecake and other goodies I had been hoarding. I figured if I made the cheesecake for me, I better make something G-man likes - like chocolate pudding pie:) I figured I had a good two hours before he got home from work expecting the shrimp and pierogi dinner I had promised him - WRONG!!! His car was in the drive and he was anxiously waiting at the table for a rare home-cooked meal.

But I did not let that deter me...I told him it would be awhile because I was not expecting him so early. I had him invite Amy over and go pick her up. That gave me time (cuz Amy is pretty damn slow at getting ready to go anywhere - God love her) to make cheesecake, 7-layer bars, and chocolate pudding pie, shell and cook the shrimp, saute the pierogis and get dinner on the table. Yay me!

That is pretty much my home-cooking for the month. Everything else in Mother Phillipia's cupboards are self-serve:)

After dinner I took a few hours to blog, chat on facebook, send some emails, and update the football web...

An open letter to Hefty® SteelSak® Trash Bags...

Dear Hefty® SteelSak® Trash Bags,

I cannot thank you enough.

You are my bag of choice for taking out the trash.

You do not leak; you do not rip.

You have saved my sanity...more than once.


An Open Letter to Tide...

Dear Tide:

Thank you! Thank You! Thank You!

You are a truly awesome product.

I have used you all my mom swore by you, and now I do, too.

In fact, I like you more as I age. Believe it ot not, I am in my fifties (note to self - write to Dove soon).

About a month ago, one of my ass-hole exes dropped by to pick up some of his stuff. While he was here, I happened to spill some of the red wine I was drinking on my new white blouse. He started to insinuate that I may have a drinking problem and suggested I get some help.

Well, one thing led to another and somehow I ended up with his blood on my new white blouse, too! I grabbed a bottle of you (with your bleach alternative) and to my surprise and satisfaction, all of the stains came out! In fact, the stains came out so well that the nice (hot) detective who came by yesterday told me that the DNA tests on my blouse were negative. A few minutes after the detective left, I got a call from my attorney. He informed me that I was no longer a suspect in the disappearance of my ex.

What a relief! Going through menopause is bad enough without having to deal with that shit. My exes are always disappearing. I think this one may be gone for good.

Thank you, once again, for being so awesome at what you do.


Sunday, June 28, 2009

Secret affairs?

It is Sunday and time to read my weekly horoscope and see what the stars have in store for me this week...
Virgo Weekly Horoscope beginning June 27, 2009
Secret affairs may be tempting. Hell, any affair would be tempting right now...

You will be ready to jump on anyone who gets in the way of your progress this week.
I am ready to jump on anyone...

Plan to get out and do a bit of travel.
Key word there is "plan" - but otherwise, right on target...PIB, here I come.

Property investments, insurance, tax rebates, or inheritance should bring you financial gains.
Well, unless my condo is going to go up in value drastically or someone or something destroys it or my car this may be off base...because anyone who I know has absolutely nothing to leave me in the wake of their untimely demise...

Your lucky day this week will be Monday.
Wow, a reason to look forward to a Monday:)