Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Peyton PHlaCe....Further Adventures

Back by popular (a.k.a. Bad American) demand...:)

So what is happening in the workplace....


...the suck-ups are still sucking up.
...PM's are still on the dark side. are still contracting.
...salaries will not be increased unless of course you are an executive....

Oh yes, the board of directors did a walk-through followed by a town hall meeting last week. They told us of some of the exciting things in the works for Peyton PHlace and then they opened it to Q & A....

Exec: "You sir, in the back...."
Peon: "Just a comment....those exciting things you talked about were not so exciting to you four years ago when our team proposed them..."
Exec: "I do not understand...what is he asking?"
Exec2: "He likes our proposal and is excited to work on the projects."
Exec: "Yes, there is a lot of work for all of us to do. Any other questions?"
Peon2: "You sent out a memo last week that there would be no salary increases at all this year. Does that include yourselves. And does that include your bonuses?"
Exec: "I'll let my colleague here answer that."
Exec3: "Well, as you know, bonuses are based on achievement of goals and are not blah, blah, blah, but since this part of the business exceeded expectations blah, blah, blah, blah, and keep up the good work...we are out of time...."

I unfortunately did not get a good look at peon1 and peon2 so I cannot tell you if they are still working hard at Peyton PHlaCe.

But there is light at my small end of the tunnel...I really like my new bosses (in a not-sucking up in case they are reading this kind of way)...I am getting a better handle on my expectations and responsibilities and I have been blessed with the opportunity to work from my home office two days a week....ask and you shall receive...or maybe my coworkers do not enjoy my smiling face any more than I enjoy pressing 1 for English....but I digress...

Back to the office...home office that is...

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keith said...

Wow - you sure have a few brave co-workers. Good on them!

Of course in our society management doesn't have to answer to the peons. Hell, they don't even have to answer to shareholders anymore!! God anointed them to rule over the peons and, from what I hear, the whip cracking is getting worse.

Having said all that Phillipia, anything over there I might be qualified to apply for?