Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Mom the Artist....Wannabeee...

CareBear, my favorite daughter, is a student of Art History...she loves it...she loves it so much she has decided to continue her education until she has enough knowledge to obtain the position she wants...

Anyway, being more of the techy, science, math person, I am lost in the art world. I am trying to learn, really...but I am a slow learner if there are not numbers or words involved....

Pictures look pretty much the same to me...a field is a field is a field; a mountain is a mountain is a mountain; you get the picture. The problem is, I don't. But that is ok, because CareBear likes sculpting best. That I can handle. There is so much creativity in sculpting; and if my first 30 guesses about what it is are wrong, that's ok. 'Cuz it can be whatever I want it to be.

Lately I have been trying to come up with ways that I can make a little extra money to help pay the bills and be able to do some fun stuff, too. (Example: the ads on this blog - yeah, that hasn't worked out so well, now has it, but I digress...more on that in a future post).

So as we are walking through the museum, taking pictures we were not supposed to be taking (just to see what the guards would do) we came up with some money making ideas. CareBear decided she could turn my house into a museum; the Phillipia museum. Hell, I never throw things out. I have every ruler I ever smacked knuckles with; I have every candied apple....ok, not quite. But I do have a lot of junk. Much like the junk we saw on display. Seriously, if someone can sweep their floor and put the dustpan full of shit in a wooden box and call it art, so can I.

Sample of collection boxes I could artfully fill (in addition to the rulers and candied apples):
Cords, Cords, and More Cords
Spare Computer Parts Sorted by Gender
Holy Bibles left behind in PSR class
Holy Cards (found in the Holy Bibles left behind....)
Dust Bunny Cat Toys
Half Used School Supplies
Coins Surrounded by Couch Fuzz
Petrified Hair Balls
Frozen Insects - Clearly Identified
Yeah, I was saving CareBear's 7th grade insect project for G-Man, cuz I was not about to capture any more of those things. But as luck would have it, the school opted to trash that ongoing (for the last 30 years) project just as I was about to hand the frozen buggers over...damn, I was so ready.

As soon as the Phillipi Museum of Art opens, I will invite you in for a tour.

After we were finished seeing all there was to see at the Art Museum (I would tell you more about it, but...yeah, I have no clue) we decided to head to dinner at Luigi's - one of our all time favorite Italian Pizza places. I do not get there as often as the kids, since I live a little farther North nowadays, so I was especially looking forward to it. I ordered a white pizza with black olives and anchovies. I love it...watching the face of the waitress as I ask for anchovies.
Please, don't make me look at those things - you really want anchovies?
Yes, double anchovies, please. Alright, alright, no doubles.

This particular waitress was kind of rude about it. She held the pan at arm's length and scrunched up her nose as she delivered my pizza. But I enjoyed it, then and for lunch the next day. And I left her a nice tip for her inconvenience: "Anchovies do not bite, they are dead fish."

As we were leaving, we noticed that there were bottles of different kinds of wine lined up behind the bar. One was called Pizza Wine. I never knew there was such a thing.

"It's beer, Mom." The wisdom of CareBear, my favorite daughter - did I mention that before?


Winky Twinky said...

I'm pretty sure I have plenty of things I could add to your Phillipia Museum...

Phillipia said...

Ok, I will reserve a room for the Winky Twinky collection:)

Kim said...

Doesn't it just figure? We never seem to get to re-use our bugs.

Kids are funny, mine have to explain things to me too. There is an IHOP on Cox Road and one day they said that the kids from school kept calling and saying, "Is this IHOP on Cox?" It took me awhile to get it.

Phillipia said...

Too funny, Kim. When I first joined Facebook, I got an invitation from one of my "friends" to a keg party; the friend was a friend of my daughter's and she had to explain that the invite went to all of his facebook friends and she was sure I was not really invited..."you're a Mom, Mom."

Shawn said...

Please save me some space in your museum. I have a remarkable collection of pens from my old job. The collection is so large that I'm almost certain it has a higher meaning.

Phillipia said...

Will do, Shawn! Which reminds me that I also have a collection of coffe mugs with logos from all of the various places I have worked....that should be worth something to someone...

Steve H. said...

My daughter Claire went to uni in London to study art... she loves it.