Thursday, June 3, 2010

If life gives you melons.... may be dyslexic :)

I got a call today from a friend who I had not heard from in awhile.

What a breath of fresh air...

What a fun conversation.

Hopefully we will continue it soon...

And then I had another conversation via instant message with an online chat buddy that I hope NOT to continue...

I swear, everytime I hear from this guy, it is the same conversation...

Hi, this is Dicktard. 
Remember me?
    Yeah....we chatted a few weeks ago.
I know it has been awhile...your name is Phillipia, right?
     Last I checked, yes.
Where do you live?
     Same place I lived last time we chatted.
I do not have my chats archived so I do not remember where that is...
     I do not have my chats archived but I remember where you live....
So where do you live?
Hmmm.  Are you married?
     I am a nun.
No, really.  You are divorced, right?
     Right now I am at work and really busy.
Are you curvy?

      You like curvy?
Curvy is nice.
     I am NOT curvey - sorry...
I bet you are...

   Hey my curvy boss just walked in - gtg.

Ok, hun.  TTYL, sweetie.


Note to self: Make Phillipia invisible to this guy on yahoo chat...

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