Thursday, September 4, 2008

God bless you... or Go to hell

So my office hero (hero because he helps the office damsels in distress at the drop of a tear - but that's another story) asked me to be the minute taker (a.k.a secretary) for one of his project meetings.

Being the ungrateful damsel that I am, I intuitively planned to be out of the office during said meeting. I was his second choice - he got a taker the third time around - and what a taker she is (note-taker, that is).

A few minutes later, a sneeze to end all sneezes reverberated from office hero's cubicle. Being the polite damsel that I am, I voiced the usual blessing hoping to make up for my previous ungrateful behavior.

Well, that was a mistake.

Office hero asked why I would bless him for a sneeze and I went into my spiel about how sneezing halts your bodily functions for a microsecond (approximately) and the blessing was a prayer that you survived it ok....

"So...are you a priest or somehow empowered to bless people as such? Why not just say Go to hell"?

So I did and now...well let's just say there are a lot more people being wished to hell rather than blessed around the office...and a lot more people holding in their sneezes....

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