Saturday, April 25, 2009

Happy Birthday LDBoy!

There is a reason you were born on April 25th...yeah, ok I will not go into all of that here....

But it seems that you are a lot of who you are because of the alignment of the stars and planets (or whatever it is that astrology is all about) because you are lying to yourself if you think this does not sound like you, at least a little...

A Taurus born on April 25 is a seeker of life's deepest mysteries. They possess great spirituality, which gives them amazing strength of character.

April 25 natives take life as it comes. When disappointments come their way, they see the challenges as valuable learning experiences.

April 25 individuals are introspective loners who don't need to find themselves through relationships. Because of their spiritual nature, they may remain celibate for long periods of time when not involved in a relationship. (Ok, maybe not here so much...)

A great many unresolved issues from childhood are likely to influence the adult lives of April 25 people. They seek to heal their emotional wounds by raising a family. This can prove helpful therapy for them, as long as they understand that forgiveness for the past must precede healing in the future. (Lucky for you that you have no unresolved issues from childhood, because you had perfect parents; or at least one perfect parent - that would be me in case you are confused.)

April 25 people do not have the robust health generally associated with Taureans, and they have a tendency to catch colds easily. Mineral water and herbal tea will help flush toxins from the system. (As will Jose.)

April 25 people respond to music's natural resonance, which gives them physical grace and a natural sense of rhythm. They often become talented dancers, choreographers, figure skaters, musicians, and singers. (Ooops, unless there is something I do not know about you, I think you were MIA during this handout.)

Although intelligent, April 25 people are not advised to handle a significant amount of money without professional advice. (Hmmmm - no comment.)

The chief aim of April 25 individuals is to understand themselves. Success has little to do with accumulating worldly possessions or praise. It is the intangibles of life that concern April 25 people. In their quiet way these people can make extraordinary spiritual mentors. (You are one of my three inspirations, because you have found a way to do to do what makes you happy...but you know that!)

As an April 25th Taurean, you should embrace concentration, pondering an answer, playing for keeps.

As an April 25th Taurean, you should avoid tension, telling a hurtful truth, worrying about death. (Hey, death happens to the best of us...)

LDBoy, how 'bout them Cavs? Yeah, I love you - forever. And I wish you all of the best (adventures, health, wealth, and happiness) this year and for many more to come. Happy Birthday!

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