Sunday, June 21, 2009

Thank You, Tricky Dick

I came across an interesting article about the Origins of Fathers Day. I did not realize that it was not a legal holiday until then President Nixon declared it so in 1972.

I can understand how some Fathers (as opposed to Dads) would rather have a National Fishing Day than have to be bothered with the traditions of a National Get Another Damn Tie Day.

I for one am thankful for the National Day to honor Dads.

It reminds me that my Dad is a pretty good guy in his own twisted way and so I take him to lunch and spend a little quality time with him.

It reminds my kids that they do have a Dad who is pretty damn good to them in his own twisted way and so they spend the day with him = day to myself:)

And I see it as a chance to let the Fathers (as opposed to the Dads who enjoy it) see what it is like to be a "Dad" for a take the day off Moms (who are married to Fathers) and head to the spa or the mall or the beach...

Happy Dad's Day to all of the Dads out there!


Larew said...

Fascinating info about Tricky Dick. Thank you for enlightening me. (Although I must say I celebrated many a Father's Day previous to 1972.)

My dad lives in Florida and is too far away to take to lunch. And since Vlad is doing something with his dad, I'm on my own. I took this opportunity to go camping & kayaking and I'm having a splendid Father's Day all by myself!
Hope you enjoy your "mom's day off" too!

Cat Lady

Winky Twinky said...

Day to yourself....woo hoo!!!!! Enjoy!

Phillipia said...

Camping and Kayaking sounds fun; I hope you had a great day, CL.

WT - G-man made it home before I got back from lunch with my Dad. So the day to myself was short-lived:)

G-man and I spent the evening getting Senior pictures taken.