Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Monday was a good day.

I took the day off work and went shopping with CareBear.- she bought, I watched. I did good not spending a cent that I did not have...

In the early evening, LDBoy and G-Man joined us and I was treated to one of my favorite dinners at Texas Roadhouse. Sirloin tips over mashed potatos and gravy with mushrooms - oh yeah.

And I finally got smart and learned to order my tips rare so that by the time they get to me they are medium rare:)

Then CareBear and LDBoy and I headed downtown to watch Dinosaurus Rex at Pat's in the Flats.

I figured the place may not be crowded since it was a Monday night. And I was absolutely right...in fact LDBoy was the only paying customer the whole time we were there.

I guess CareBear and I could have bought our own drinks and tripled the amount of customers, but LDBoy offered, and who are we to not let a guy buy us drinks?

We did not have a hard time deciding what to drink either...since Pat does not keep fruit (lemons and limes are not exceptions) or fruit juice (except cranberry, because its medicinal), or fruit flavored spirits.

So shots of Jose Cuervo it was ....chased with a vodka and cranberry.

A few of those and the place was looking pretty inviting.

A few more and I had to use the ladies room.

Not so inviting...even after a few...

But when ya gotta go, you do; so I did.

What, no soap???? Just mustard? I kid you not, there was a mustard dispenser sitting on the sink where the soap should have been.

I am not that brave....

I heard....I really did not check on this myself...that there was a ketchup dispenser in the men's room.

Wonder where the mayo dispenser was...


Mr. Condescending said...

chased with vodka and cranberry!? lol wow

WhisperingWriter said...

Oo I just love Texas Roadhouse.

They have the best sweet tea.

Ed Adams said...

In those kinds of establishments, the mayo dispenser usually appears from a hole in the ladies restroom wall. Or so I'm told.

CatLadyLarew said...

You're lucky you got the mustard... the vinegar probably has some sort of sanitizing properties. Or better yet, just spit some of the Jose Cuervo on your hands. Hee Hee!

Drew said...

Tequila and vodka? Oh lord, that would scare me right into drug rehab for fear that I would loose control. Stick to the ketchup.