Tuesday, September 15, 2009

They sound so much alike...

So as I was packing up to leave the office last Friday, my desk phone rings....

Hello, this is Phillipia.

Hey Mom, you still going to the game?

Yeah...why wouln't I???

Can you take me?


Can I ride with you??


Why not???

Ummm...why aren't you riding on the bus with the team???

Mom, this is your other son...



Ed Adams said...

That happens to all parents with more than one kid.

CatLadyLarew said...

Damn... don't you just hate it when you mix up your kids. I'm always calling HickoryTheWonderDog Vlad by mistake. He doesn't care, but Vlad get's really pissed when I call him HickoryTheWonderDog. Go figure.

Phillipia said...

Yeah, Ed, I know it happens to everyone, but it is special and bloggingly funny when it happens to me in a busy week and I have not got much time to be creative in my blogging...:)

CatLady, when I call my boys CareBear, they get really pissed, too. What is their problem?

I love the Hickory's name...our first dog (a St. Bernard)we named was Big Dog; the next one was Lil Dog, cuz he was...at least compared to big Dog.

Thank you both for visiting...I miss my blogging friends...too bad I have to work for a living:)