Monday, October 19, 2009


So I was working along at a pretty good pace this morning when I got a text message from G-Man...

G-Man: I am going to see the nurse.
Me (Pulled nuts going through my head): Why???
G-Man: I am going to throw-up.
Me: Go Fast!

A few minutes later I get a call from the school nurse....

SN: Hi Phillipia...I have your son here.
Me: Did he make it?
SN: What?
Me: he really sick?
SN: Well, yeah. He looks pretty pale and sick. Can I send him home?
Me: Sure...I'm not there.
SN: He's the 10th person I sent home so far this morning.
Me: Not all to my house, I hope...
SN: What?
Me: Does he have a fever?
SN: No - half the kids had a fever, the others are just ready to vomit. And we have an unconfirmed case of H1N1.
Me: Great - can't you keep him?
SN: What?
Me: Send him home...thanks for the call.

Something was nagging at me throughout this whole conversation but I could not quite put my finger on it...


A few minutes later I happened to talk to another senior Mom...

OtherMom: My son is home sick today.
Me: Really?
OtherMom: Yeah, he went in for one class.
Me: Why did he go in at all?
OtherMom: He did not want to get in trouble for staying home on senior skip day....
Me: Oh really?

Yeah....that's what it was. G-Man had asked me late last week to call him off today. I refused, being the good Mom I am.

Apparently a lot of other Moms refused, too.

Most of the kids sent home sick were seniors....


Will we ever really know?


Ed Adams said...


Don't bust his one good ball too hard for this.

All kids do that crap.

Anonymous said...

I love your posts, Phillipia! Especially your replies that border on snarky but are always HILARIOUS.
Although...I feel sad whenever I get to the bottom and there are no comments and it says '0 reasons to keep blogging.'
Nobody can help that, though...

CatLadyLarew said...

I wish I would have been gutsy enough in high school to actually skip on senior skip day. I try to be badass, but it still ain't happening.
But hey... what's Scotty doing online now? Shouldn't he be in school? Or participating in gainful employment? Or is he skipping with G-man? Okay... I'll stop sounding like my mother now.

kys said...

Oh, they are gooood!

Phillipia said...

I gave him a break yesterday, Ed, but he was still home sick - is it senior skip WEEK???

Thanks, Scott. Maybe I should change my comments message...but the comments do make it worth it:) And BTW, as CatLady says, why weren't YOU in school at 11:30 AM; are you a senior?

CatLady, I was never badass in HS either; my parents were way too controlling for that; which is probably why G-man gets away with so much...I am living vicariously:)

Yes, kys, they are...too good for their own good:)