Sunday, October 25, 2009

Password Protect This...

I have waaaay toooo many passwords.

I have so many that I have a spreadsheet with all of them...

Actually I have two spreadsheets; one for my Peyton PHlace passwords and another for my personal passwords.

These are not small spreadsheets either.

When I print them I use size 6 font so I can fit them on one page...and of course they are harder to read that way.

So anyone looking over my shoulder has to squint pretty hard to see what I am reading...

'Cuz they sure as hell cannot read what I am typing...************

I cannot read what I am typing.

And when I am in the middle of three things, I start typing and forget how far I got or what password I was suppose to be typing and I cannot tell where I was because all I see is *******!!!!!!

Password not recognized...try again.....try again...try again...three tries, you're locked out.
Damn....I really wanted to check my account balance. Oh well.

I believe in password protection, but let me pick my own goddamn password without six levels of security...

Nothing I have or know is worth much of anything to me or anyone else....

Unless someone thinks they can make my negative balances suddenly leap outta the red zone...

So, if it was up to me, I would use the same password for everything: ******

And I would never have to change it....ever.

But is not up to me.

You used that password three years ago, try again.
You used that password two years ago, try again.

Yeah, my password spreadsheets now includes my last six passwords for everything...

And of course the security answers.....

What is the name of your first pet? Hell if I remeber; I think we got the cat and the goldfish on the same day. But the cat lasted longer - does she win?

What was your first car? Clunker POS

What was your paternal grandmother's maiden name? Woah - she always used Grandpa's name. She didn't have her own name. Or was that her name, too. OMG, that's right. My grandpa married his third cousin, twice removed. I did not need to be reminded of that. Damn password security.


Anonymous said...

LOLOL "I did not need to be reminded of that." Gold. :D
I hope I never get one of those...*shudder* jobs. I like making up my own passwords. :D


Ed Adams said...

We have to change ours every 90 days.

And it has to be unique/never before used.

Sucks ass.

Phillipia said...

Scott, I have a feeling you will be working for yourself your whole life, much like my oldest son.

Geez, Ed. it takes me a good 89 days to remember it without having to look it up. That does suck.

CatLadyLarew said...

I have too hard a time trying to remember scads of passwords, so I do the only reasonable thing... work hard to never have any money so that when someone steals my password, there will be nothing for them to withdraw from my bank account. Works like a charm.