Thursday, November 20, 2008

Further Aventures of Peyton PHlaCe...

So I am sitting in a defect scrub (aka, a long boring meeting) when my phone vibrated...yes, an excuse to walk out of the meeting.

After I answer and assure G-Man I will be home in plenty of time to get to the sports awards dinner, I decide to take the long way back to the meeting. Through the ladies' room, past a friend's desk (who also found an excuse to leave the meeting), grab a jolt (gum), and ok, if I have to, back to the meeting.

Sitting there I am thinking that this would be a good meeting to program my phone to ring automatically. I can fake answering my phone as good as the next person.

So I sent a message to my walk-out cohort suggesting we figure out how to do that. He replies 'good idea' and at that exact moment a phone rang. It was not a phone belonging to anyone in the meeting. It was the Peyton PHlaCe phantom phone that we hear every so often. The ringer sounds like an old-fashioned ringer. I am not talking rotary phone bell ringer, older than that - Alexander Graham Bell-Watson age ringer.

And no one knows exactly where in the building that ringer is coming sounds the same wherever you are in the building when you hear it. And apparently not every one hears it at the same time...

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Dawn said...

Sounds like....the twilight zone...or maybe even -- a ghost phone...hmmmmm, very interesting