Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Who needs Gel?

So I opened my favorite online news page a little bit ago and this was the headline:

Hmmm, where should I start...or maybe I should just quit while I'm ahead...
"Frustration is high among researchers and pharmaceutical companies anxious to bring relief to women with low sex drive."

I just bet the frustration among the women is probably a lot higher than yours, Mr. researcher.

The new product is a
"...testosterone gel, specifically dosed for women and post menopausal women, let me be clear about that, for women with low desire..."

What about those (not speaking personally here) with lots of desire, but maybe it just is not happening as often as we like...I mean, come on, if there is low desire, why bother - if ya don't want to, don't. But for the rest of us, bring it on...

Or bring him on; who needs a gel? I think (ok, I know) a hot guy would get me wanting...in fact thinking about him has me wanting...take me out of the park, now!

Ok, I should have stopped long ago...but I didn't. Father, forgive me....

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