Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Monday Morning at the office...

Each Monday morning at Peyton PHlace, the office rabble centers around the weekend. And this Monday was no exception. Some tidbits I overheard...

"Did you enjoy Mother's Day?"

"I guess...I mean I spent three hours at my Mom's, four hours at his Mom's and the rest of the day trying to scramble to do the things I usually do on Sundays, like laundry and bills and lunches and get the kids ready for next week..."

"What did you do for your Mom?"
"I moved far away years ago so she has no holiday expectations from me....

"The nursing home she is in does not allow visitors...really..."

"What did you do for your wife? "
"She's not my Mom!" (let's not go their again)

"I gave her a really nice card and I wrote 'Without you I would be a Dad.' I spent the rest of the day hearing her give the kids stupid lessons on how leaving one word out ..." (hmm, wonder what she'll get next year)

"I gave her an AK-47, because home security is the best gift of all!"

"Did you have a nice weekend?"
"Yes I did, thanks for asking....My weekend started with a meeting of a couple of neighborhood Moms to plan for some upcoming school events. We of course invited Mike...as he is hard, cold, and refreshing, and the only guy we let come in our mouths. Hey, where ya going...don't ya want to hear about the rest of my weekend?"


Shawn said...

The "She's not my mom" comment is dead on!

Winky Twinky said...

Some people scare so easily...sheeesh