Friday, October 16, 2009

A good week....

This week has not been nearly as busy as last week...

It could be, but I keep falling asleep as I am trying to work late into the night (or I get distracted and start blogging).

Monday late morning - just as I well telling a coworker that I had absolutely nowhere that I had to be that night - the coach called and asked that I send out a mass email to let the team know that they were going to be on local radio at a local eatery and than on onother program at another local eatery immediately following...

I spoke too soon....

And G-Man being captain (ham) that he is, is usually interviewed on these shows so of course I go watch and listen.

And yes, he made me proud.
MC: So, G-Man, I've known you since you were in 4th grade...hope you
let me be there when you sign for one of those many ccolleges that must be
knocking on your door...
G-Man: If you can get one to knock, I'll sign, and you can watch.
MC: Hmmm, so moving on, then. If you could trade places with anyone in this
room, who would it be?
G-Man (scooting a little farther away from the coach next to him): Coach
Football, because he is the scariest man alive.
MC: Well that's a side of him we do not usually see.
G-Man: That's 'cuz you never played football for him.
MC: True. So who's your hero, G-Man?
G-Man: My Mom.


Moving on to program #2....

Know that it is rival game (aka Civil War) week in Willoughby - the South Rebels vs the North Rangers.

As we walk into the second eatery, the North Rangers are being interviewed. They point to my son as he walks in and start laughing mockingly. I did a double take just to make sure he had all his clothes on - or at least the important ones. I did not see anything missing.

Then I realized that the North players were being all-around smart-assed and cocky up there as they were talking to the reporters.
Reporter: So are you ready for the challenge this week.
Ranger 1: We do not see it as a challenge. We are going to win - no
question about it....
Reporter: Wow - that's a lot of confidence especially since you have not
won this game in the last several years.
Ranger1: But we have a sophomore QB on the team who is awesome.
Reporter: Okay, then. But he cannot do it alone.
Ranger2: We also have a good receiver.
Reporter: Just one????
Ranger 3: No, we will all play.

As I am listening, I whisper to G-Man that he should be the bigger man when he is up there.

No problem, I have 20 pounds and 2-inches on all of them, Mom.

OMG, should I just leave now...wait in the parking lot, maybe?

Reporter: Let's welcome the South Rebels. So Coach Football, what do you
think about the game this week.
CF: Well, it should be fun. Two good teams, playing for the conference
champ. We are working hard to make sure we are ready for it.
Reporter: Do you see it as a challenge?
CF: Everygame is a challenge. We have a great QB, several good backs, a
great offensive line, and a defense that is getting better and better each week
as the season progresses.
Reporter: G-Man, what do you think about the Rangers. They are pretty
G-Man: It is going to be a fun game. It is the game we most look forward to
all year. They have had some successes this season; we have had some
successes. Two good teams doing battle in our house.

That is right...Coach Football has taught you with class on and off the field.

G-Man had a little more to be proud of this week, too...
Him: Hey Mom, call me out of my off-campus classes Thursday afternoon....
Me: WHY????
Him: Because there is a pep rally at South and then I have to go to the local
paper for an interview because I am Player of the Week.
Me: WHY???
Him: Wow, Thanks, mom.
Me: Not that you do not deserve it...every week in my book...but it usually
goes to the kid with the most TDs and that was not...
Him: Forget it, Mom. I luv you. too.
Me: I didn't mean...
Him: I gotta go...

When am I going to learn to THINK before I put my foot in my mouth....

I KNOW it does not fit...I have tried many, many times...

Oh well....

I do have a feeling the South will rise again this Friday Night in Willoughby.

Go Rebs!


kyslp said...

What an awesome young man you are raising!

CatLadyLarew said...

Aw, that G-man learned how to "play nice". Laughing at your "Why?" question! (That's what my mom asked me when I told her I was getting married... should have been a clue.) Congratulations G-man! And Go Rebels!

Winky Twinky said...


Ed Adams said...

Congrats. G-man sounds like a good kid.

razorsandvines said...

"No problem, I have 20 pounds and 2-inches on all of them, Mom."

Okay, that was hilarious...

JennyMac said...

He is such a good boy! Kudos to you!

Phillipia said...

Thanks to all of you for your nice comments:)