Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Open Email....

...to Susie488, Missy669, Kristy1889, and Maggie4123.

Thanks for viewing my Yahoo profile.

But quit emailing me telling me that you think I am cute and you would like to get to know me.

Do I look like a guy to you???? I am NOT a guy in a nun's habit - just in case you were wondering.

Do I look like a lesbian??? I am NOT gay, okay?

I DO NOT like girls in any way that you are suggesting...got it???

Leave me the F alone.

Thank you....

BTW, if you are gay or lesbian, I mean no offense, but I am not - to each his (or her) own...


Ed Adams said...

I'm jealous.

Those same girls asked me to stop emailing them.

Anonymous said...

Sarah1988 and Meghan1987 keep bugging me about my Yahoo profile, even though I haven't had one for a few years.

Maybe I should forward their emails to the Nigerian scammers that keep bugging me.

Rick Daley said...

Well crap, there goes that fantasy.