Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Weekend Past Part II

If you read my previous post, you know I did not do a bit of work Saturday....

Which means I really needed to get into the office Sunday to avoid missing the "by the time you get in Monday" deadline I had set for myself.

Note to self: quit setting deadlines that depend on network connectivity and other things outside of your control....

Such as three hour visits to the ER.

Thank you, G-man.

Yeah - football IS over.

Who would have though indoor soccer could get so violent...

G-man joined to soccer teams this session.

One played at 9:00 AM Sunday Morning. I met G-man at the field as he spent the night at a friend's.

And I sorta got the feeling that if he would have gotten hurt during that 9:00 AM game, he would have felt no pain.

He looked as if he had been up playing ping-pong most of the night.

After that game, I headed to work and then met him back at the field for a 5:00 PM game.

I debated missing that game as I was rolling along pretty good at work.

But after 5 hours of Sunday at the office, I figured I deserved a break.

I got a longer break than expected.

A few minutes into the game and G-Man collided with another player. I did not see the collision as I was at the other end of the field and some people just do not understand the logistics of sitting on the bleachers rather than standing in front of them and blocking everyone else's view.

In fact, I did not even know it involved G-man, because the next time I saw him - about 2 seconds after I heard the loud crash and felt the vibration of bodies hitting the glass walls - he was still playing the field.

And then I saw the ref tell him to leave the field - or at least that is what he seemed to be saying. I am thinking he got carded for playing so rough.

I head down to see what was going on - as he is heading to the concession stand.

Me: What happened?
Him: Nothing.
Me: Why'd you come out of the game?
Him: The ref told me to.
Me: You're bleeding....
Him: Oh yeah. He said I was bleeding.
Me: Are you okay?
Him: Yeah, I'm fine.
Me: Your nose is bleeding and your lip looks split.
Him: Yeah, I need ice from the concession stand.
Me: Did you hit your head on the wall.
Him: I don't know.
Me: You don't know??? I know you have a hard head, but didn't you feel it hit.
Him: What???? I need to get back in there.

And with that he went back into the field.

Not to play - thank you Coach Rick.

Oh he did try to play again, but Coach pulled him right back off. Of which he still has no recollection.

After the game, he was pretty quiet but said he was fine and was going to heat to Life teen at the church.

I followed him because I was not so sure he was fine.

He made it to the church ok and I headed back to work.

That was a mistake. The network had slowed down to a creepy crawl.

It took a good half hour for my system to boot up and then I my cursor was having a tough time keeping up with my 5 word per minute lightning fast keyboarding skills.

Within an hour I was so frustrated I was contemplating just shutting down and heading home...

Then the call came.

This is NurseC. I help at Life Teen and I am heading to the ER with G-man. He is not right. Tell me something I don't know.
Do you want to meet us there? Contemplation over...I'm outta here - thank you G-Man.

Three hours later, a CT scan, an x-ray, a prescription for an antibiotic for the split lip, a visit from a priest in case he needed last rites (not funny, Father Andy)...
Your son is fine, Phillipia. It is just a concussion...
The x-ray showed that nothing is broken in his face.
The CT scan found his pea-size brain and it is in tact.
Give him a few days to come to his senses - call us if he doesn't...
Oh...and you can wake him up every couple hours just to annoy him if you want...

Oh, it was a fun couple hours after that,
Ames and I took turns messing with ConcussionBoy.
Me: Wasn't that a great dinner before the game?
ConcussionBoy: What dinner?
Me: I made your favorite shrimp and pierogies.
Ames: And I made you homemade chocolate chip cookies.
ConcussionBoy: Really?
Me: What did you do with the $50 dollars I gave you for gas money.
ConcussionBoy: I don't know...did I get gas???
Ames: You always get gas...
ConcussionBoy: Did you give me lunch money for this week, too?
Me: Don't tell me you lost it already...
ConcussionBoy: Did we win the game?
Me: you scored, remember? for the other team....
ConcussionBoy: No way!
Ames: They kicked you out of the game.
ConcussionBoy: Were you there?
Ames: The whole time.

Back to reality....


Peruby said...

Too funny, but still serious. Thankfully, he is okay. I hope future games and practices go much smoother for you and for him.

Phillipia said...

Thanks, Peruby.