Monday, November 23, 2009

Weekend Past Part I

I have been extremely busy at work.

There is so much that needs done before the end of the year.

I have been working late every night and more than a few hours on the weekends.

I was suppose to take a few vacation days this month, but there is so much to do that it would not be a very relaxing vacation...

So I'll just put those off til next month - or next year....

But in between work I do find time to relax and/or spend time with the family.

Some of that relaxing time is with the family.

Some of the family time is relaxing.

Saturday afternoon CareBear and KB visited with my granddog Taz and we watched the Buckeyes kick Michigan's Blue Butt...Go Bucks!!! Sorry, KB - not!

And CareBear and I baked mint brownies...


We were not paying attention when we whipped up the first two batches and mixed up the amounts of oil and water....

I am sure the two bottles of wine we were sharing had absolutely nothing to do with our little mix-up.

Then we made some cheesecake.

We mixed some mini chocolate chips in some Philladelphia Cream Cheesecake Filling and spooned it into Keebler Graham Cracker crusts.

And we did it right the first time.

Yay us.

It was a Mom and daughter bonding Saturday afternoon.

As KB watched from the living room, shaking his head.

But he did eat the cheesecake.

And he liked it.

As did my Mom and Dad.

Mom and Dad joined us for dinner.

I am lucky in that my parents are still fairly healthy and can still drive short distances - or long distances if they are going somewhere they want to be - like a church service on the other side of the state.

Neither have symptoms of dimentia yet...

Although when you meet my Dad for the first time, it is easy to confuse his storytelling personality for a progressive case of dimentia. He likes to tell you the same story over and over again and again just in case you did not get what he was saying the first 60 times.

But that's okay; we have learned to deal with his story telling in small doses. We just take turns listening and acting like it is the first time we are hearing it.

Because no matter how many times you tell him you heard the story before, he does not hear that and feels the need to re-tell it - over and over again.

Yeah, that explains why CareBear and I were imbibing earlier in the day. We were preparing for family time:)

My parents mean well and we love them and enjoy their company - especially when fully loaded.

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Ed Adams said...

Boose makes the heart grew fonder, especially where relatives are concerned.