Saturday, July 5, 2008

Home Again!

Home Sweet Home! Being away always makes home seem much nicer than it was when I left - no matter how good of a time I had when I was away.

It helps coming home to a clean house and welcoming kids. Maybe the smile was because I returned with the only working car, but I will be content to believe everyone is happy just to see Mom....

Thanks to my kids for cleaning up too. I do see the remnants of a party here last night, tho...thanks for Molson's -too bad they are empty - but I am enjoying the labels - they know what I like....

And yes, the car in the drive really is undrivable - or at least unsteerable; but there is a swat van in the neighbor's drive...wonder when that showed up...maybe I can borrow it for awhile...wonder if it comes with swat guys...hmmm

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