Friday, August 15, 2008

When I was your age, I could stand upright...

Office Man's Top 20 Explanations of What Happened

  1. I was drunk.
  2. I fell off my segway.
  3. I was filling in on the Olympic beach volleyball team.
  4. I fell climbing a tree.
  5. I tripped over a curb.
  6. They dropped me when I was being passed around at the AC/DC concert.
  7. I knocked over a row of bikes when I parked mine at a biker bar.
  8. I was standing between Estelle and Vin.
  9. My wife likes it rough.
  10. Railroad tracks…
  11. I got a ride to work with Joe Kulesh.
  12. The Nigerian…what the f….my name is GARY, that’s G…
  13. Dom tried to have his with way my daughter…
  14. I joined Bally’s.
  15. I was practicing for my upcoming Spiderman role…
  16. I got old.
  17. I fell bungee jumping.
  18. I was showing the kids my breakdancing skills.
  19. I was trying out for the new jackass movie.
  20. I was trying out for a gig at Chippendale’s.

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